St. John Nuemann Chapter Meeting: Learn to Live Debt Free and Within Your Means

Guest Speaker: Bill Plough, Consolidated Credit Counseling

The Back on Track Network career support ministry is proud to present “Learn to Live Debt Free and Within Your Means.”

This seminar will teach you how to successfully manage money and avoid credit problems.  The seminar will help people create and use a successful budget and provide proven strategies for avoiding excess debt and credit problems. The pros and cons of using credit, how much credit one can afford, how to build a positive credit history, and updated credit rights wil be explored as well.

Bill Plough joined Consolidated Credit Counseling Services three years ago and became a Certified Personal Finance Counselor, counseling individuals in overcoming their financial challenges.  Bill joined the Community Outreach Program conducting financial literacy seminars throughout South Florida.  He has served on over 40 national and local civic Board of Directors and Advisory Boards bringing fiscal discipline to the organizations.

Please join us for this practical seminar Thursday, August 25th, 2011, at the St. John Neumann Church Adult Education Building, Room 102, 12125 SW 107 Ave. Miami, FL 33176 at 7:30PM.

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