A Reflection by Tom Wiggins

Less You Be Cut Down

Grace be [private_BOT_Member]given[/private_BOT_Member]
Grace be called
Grace does liveth
In Humanity’s fall

Your gift was sown
Mystery unlocked
Cultivate Christ-desires
Church upon His Rock

We all are the same
Stature fulfilled in Christ
Knowledge granted
By Power of His Eternal Life

Reflect the trickery
Satan will throw your way
Fertilize your soul
In the Word of God each day

These waves will toss you
Through false joys of the heart
Love will be lost
Gain Salvation at all cost

Rejoice in His Glory
Seek only His Truth
The House of God must be
A place for each as proof

Repent from the life of lies
Find the Love of Loves
Come together as One
Humanity’s Salvation from the Son

Keep yourself cultivated
Less you be cut down
The Lord’s Will must be sought
We Glorify His Holy Crown

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